Smart Decision

As an expert in your field, you make decisions daily, very often the same type of decisions over and over again. The logic for arriving at your decisions, a product of your experience & knowledge, is often not documented in a usable format. Smart Decision Tree provides a platform to help the sharing of that logic with less experienced individuals, enhance their decision-making process and knowledge almost immediately.

Turn your intelligence into a service and benefit others with your expertise! We provide the tools for you to design a decision tree model for a specific problem in your expertise area, rehearse and publish your model. We allow others to explore, subscribe and integrate your model into their application. Finally, we enable various types of data analysis on results using the latest visualization tools.

As a publisher, you can create a decision model with our visual tools, rehearse the model, and share a model for others to leverage your expertise.

As a subscriber, you can discover from published models to leverage experts' opinion.

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